Thursday, November 12, 2009

Washington ,Vancouver..... ORCAS ISLAND

Back in September Keegan and I took a trip to the Northwest
to skate and visit our friend Trevor.We flew into Seattle and
made our way to up through Washington into Vancouver
and then to Orcas Island.Skateboarding,Riding Trevor's
motorcycles and perfect weather made for an incredible trip.
Here are a few shots of the trip, wish I had more skateboarding
pics, but you have to stop skating to take photos and I'm no
good at putting the board aside when there's a seshen happening.

Oh and if it wasn't for the shop keg we would've ended up
spending so much money since its 60$ for the cheapest 30pack
I saw in Canada.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nesco Vintage Bike Show & Swap Meet

A couple weeks ago me and my buddy Greg took a trip down

to Nesco,Nj for the 2009 Nesco Vintage Dirt/Street Bike Show &

Swap Meet.We threw the 74 DT360 in the back of the truck and

headed out.We rode some trails on the way down and then headed

down to the track where we were welcomed by Joe,John,and a couple

of Joes other friends as if we had been friends forever.Then we got

the tour of Nesco Dirt Works (Joes museum of vintage dirt bikes)

I have never seen anything like Joes shop he had so many bikes

it was unbelievable and the best part was that money was the last

thing on his mind,he did it all outta love for the sport! Then

Joe brought us to his buddy George's place where I ended up

buying a 74 Mx175 from him. Finally we made it back to the

track where we pitched a tent under the headlights of the truck

and with the help of way to many High Life camo cans we

made it happen.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and coffee

trackside compliments of John who was camping right next

to us.We unloaded the bike,got ready for the track and then

had the time of our life racing around until 1pm when we

had to head back towards the city for Gregs show. All

in all it was an amazing trip and I recommend that anyone

who is into vintage motorcycles make it to Nesco,Nj

for this event next year.

Thanks Joe,Connie,George.and John for the great time

and the hospitality.

See you in December