Sunday, April 25, 2010

Escaping Winter

In the beginning of March a few friends and I decided to 
take a break from the cold weather and make our way to Az. 
Its the 3rd annual winter escape and the crew seems to be
growing each year. I only shot a couple rolls of film during the 
trip, since I realized we had more camera's in the car than
people/skateboards.Tim Stanton and Eddy were shooting alot of 
photos and Greg Wilson was filming (Still taking bets on wether 
anyone ever sees the footage though!) Dod's posted a bunch of 
Tim's photos on his site The Endless Bummer under 
Arizona Day 1, 2, and 3 check em out.Oh yeah Greg did 
unveil one of the clips he filmed in Az of Al Partanen
on his website. Hopefully we'll all see some other footage 
from the trip eventually! Anyways here are a couple of the 
photos I shot in my down time on the trip.
I'll post a few more when I make time to scan them.